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  • All those interested in auditioning for our MUSICALS should have a song prepared with a backing track preferably not from the show.​
  • Take into account the style of music written for the character you are auditioning for
  • Everyone will participate in a movement/dance audition this will be pitched at all dance abilities.
  • Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear to enable you to move easily.
  • Cold reads from the script will be done. 

Clybourne Park unfolds in two acts in the house made famous in Lorraine Hansberry’s classic “A Raisin in the Sun.” In Act I, a white community in 1959 Chicago splinters over a black family about to move into the house. Act II leaps forward to 2009, where a white couple seeks to purchase the same house in the now predominantly-black neighborhood. Norris’ play explores issues of race, territory, and legacy with an uncommon combination of biting humor and genuine tenderness, treading the rich and illuminating ground of both comedy and drama. Most actors for the production will play two roles (as is intended by the author) .

 The script is readily available on amazon.com

Character Breakdown:

Russ (Act I)/ Dan (Act II): Caucasian male, 45-55. In Act I, a middle-management businessman selling his house to escape memories of a family tragedy. In Act II, a friendly but somewhat oblivious construction worker.

Bev (Act I)/ Kathy (Act II): Caucasian female, 40s. Married to Russ, whose brooding is eroding her natural optimism. In Act II, a breezy real estate agent and lawyer.

Francine (Act I)/ Lena (Act II): African-American female, 30s-40s. A stoic and polite domestic worker to Russ and Bev in Act I. In Act II, a no-nonsense professional woman invested in her neighborhood and fiercely opposed to white gentrification.

Albert (Act I)/ Kevin (Act II): African American male, 30s-40s. As husband to Francine in Act I, he is accommodating but a shrewd judge of character. In Act II, an easy-going investment banker married to Lena.

Karl (Act I)/ Steve (Act II): Caucasian male, late 30s-40s. In Act I, a character borrowed from “A Raisin in the Sun” who comes to persuade Russ and Bev not to sell their house to a “colored family.” In Act II, a well-educated man, but not exactly a diplomatic one. He’s seeking to purchase the home in the now-black neighborhood.

Betsy (Act I)/ Lindsey (Act II): Caucasian female, late 20s-- 30s. Married to Karl and seven months pregnant in Act I. Betsy is deaf but does speak, although her speech is difficult to understand. In Act II, a professional woman, also pregnant, who is married to Steve.

Jim (Act I)/ Tom (Act II): Caucasian male, mid-20s – 30s. The well-intentioned minister at Russ and Bev’s church in Act I. In Act II, a lawyer hired by Kevin and Lena to represent their community association in negotiations with Steve and Lindsey. To is smart and good at his job but in a hurry. Kenneth: Caucasian male, 20s. Russ and Bev’s son who has come home after service in the Korean war. Kenneth appears only briefly in a flashback at the end of Act II. He is sometimes played by the actor playing Jim/Tom.

Audition dates for our Season: 
Auditions begin at 7:00 p.m.

​Clybourne Park Play--Drama
Sunday April 2nd & Monday April 3rd
Auditions will be cold reads from the script.

Directed By Scott Maxwell

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