Casting information about Boy from OZ

Major Principals

Peter Allen……..Must be able to dance and sing and do anything.

Young Peter Allen….Aged about 10. A junior tap dancer.

Judy Garland….Charismatic diva aged in mid 40’s.

Marion Woolnough….Salt of the earth, mid 50’s and up.

Liza Minnelli….A star is born. 20 something spunk.

Greg Connell…Sexy Cowboy.

Trio…Karen, Shena, Linelle…dazzling singers and dancers.

Smaller parts

Dee Anthony…Peter Allen’s US agent.

Valerie Anthony…Dee’s wife. Peter Allen fan.

Dick Woolnough… Peter Allen’s alcoholic father.

Brian Henderson…Young TV host. ( Not in US edition )

Josie…Manager of the New England Hotel. ( Not in US Edition )

Chris Bell…Young song writer and member of the Allen Brothers.

Wally Bell… Peter’s first manager. Mid 40’s up.


Rich Woman  In Hong Kong, Reporters, Choreographer…type cast. Director’s Voice. Director’s Assistant…anyone you like

Bonnie…Member of Broadway production team. Record Producer…Hard nosed businessman.

Trick…Peter Allen’s flat mate.


A fabulous selection of roles in Country Hotel, Disco, HK Night Club, Radio City Music Hall performance, TV Bandstand studio, Auditionees, Broadway Gangster show, Australian Bicentennial extravaganza and Rio Carnival


           Auditions Dates 

​    "The Boy from OZ"

           February 21st

           February 22nd

​               7:00 pm

                (Please be on time )

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What to expect at auditions

  • bring a prepared song about 16-20 bars
  • must have backing tracks
  • everyone will be shown a dance routine and will perform in small groups (dress in comfortable clothing, and no sandals)
  • there will be a cold reading from the script

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