Casting Lists



                                       Congratulations to the Cast of Hunchback




Those cast as Statues and Gargoyles will only be that when in bell tower , You will also be other characters in show.


Please before you look for your role you have been given , We will be expecting a 100%  effort and commitment to this massive show. Please do not accept role if you can't give us your best.

Meet the Cast is Tuesday  December 19th at 7:00 pm it is very important to meet to dicuss rehearsdal  and other information. ( If You do not accept / Or Decline  your role by Tuesday night. We will assume not interested.


This is my number            843-997-0244  Tim McGhee 







Dom Claude Frollo                                         Gary Life

Jehan Frollo                                                    David Curtis

Florika                                                             Allura Cafasso

Father Dupin                                                  Bruce Thompson

Gypsy                                                              Kristyn Winch

Quasimodo                                                     Bradlee Gorrera

Statues 1                                                        Chantall Montgomery                                             

Statues 2                                                        Malia French 

Statue 3                                                          Jill Dudley

Statue  4                                                         Alexandria Lee

Statue  5                                                         Tiffany Sellers

Statue  6                                                         Hensley Bethune

Gargoyle   1                                                    Colton Sherman

Gargoyles 2                                                    Selena Mancini

Congregant  Page 11                                     Jason Rune

Clopin Trouillrfou                                          Zack Fader

Gypsy                                                              Ramesy Platt

Gypsy                                                              Jill Dudley

Gypsy  (Female Reveler) Pg. 21                   Alura Cafasso

Gypsy                                                              Malia French

Gypsy                                                              Hensley Betune

Gypsy (Male Congregant  Pg.21 )Phoebus  Jason Rune

Gypsy                                                              Matthew Daymier

Gypsy  ( Female Congregant. 21 )                Chantall Montgomery

Gypsy                                                              Madison Lapham,

Gypsy                                                              Mya TA                                  

Phoebus De Martin                                        Johnathan Vasey

Soldier 1                                                         Bruce Thompson

Soldier 2                                                         Matthew Daymier

Soldier 3                                                         David Curtis

Soldier4                                                          Colton Sherman

Gentlemen                                                     David Curtis

Gypsy                                                            Jason Rune

Revelers                                                        All Gypsy/ Soldiers /Choir. Congregant

Various Parishioners                                   Elda White , Ellen Leftwich Megan Hoffman,Mya TA , Matthew Daymier Kristyn Winch,

                                                                       Al Lexroux. Seleina Mancini , Sabirina Oukad

Frederic Charles                                          David Curtis

Esmerelda                                                    Whitney Daniels

King Louis XI                                               Al Lexrous                                          

Official                                                          Bruce Thompson                                          

Madame                                                        Kristyn Winch

Saint Aphrodisius                                       Jason Rune

Congregation                                               Enite Cast

Choir                                                             Carolina Master Chorale

Statues                                                          Listed Above

Gargoyles                                                     Listed Above