Casting Lists

Congratulations to the cast of


Nick Cristano ::::: Tommy Switzer

Frank Gianelli ::::: Smokey Jakey

Aida Gianelli ::::: Vonna Gengo

Nunzio Cristano ::::: Eric Schultz

Emma Cristano ::::: Martha Sosebee

Caitlin O'Hare ::::: Emily Martel


Congratulations to the cast of 



Violet Hilton: Lily Rowan

Daisy Hilton: Alura Cafasso

Terry Connor: Zach Fader

Buddy Foster: Jason Rune

Jake:  TBD

Sir: Jonathan Vasey

Sir's Lawyer: Jihad Levermore

3-Legged Man: Savannah Rion

Geek: Lexy Cody

Fortune Teller: Kristyn Winch

Venus De Milo: Abigail Perry

Dog Boy/Houdini: McKenna Martinal

Dolly Dimples: Megan Hoffman

Sword Swallower: Bruce Thompson

Snake Charmer: Selena Mancini

Half Man/Half Woman: Noreen O'Reilly

Human Pin Cushion: Zach Cain

Judge: Bruce Thompson

Ray: McKenna Martinal

Lizard Woman: Alyssa McMillan

Cameraman: TBD

Tod Browning: TBD

Bearded Lady: Jill Dudley

Auntie: Elda White

Tattoo Girl: Malia French

Doctors/Suitors/Roustabouts: Ensemble

All Side Show Freaks will be ensemble and dancers, in vaudeville, etc.

Thank you to everyone who auditioned!