Casting Lists


Congratulations to the Cast of Something Rotten 

Please text me at 843-997-0244 if you Accept or Decline the Role


Meet the Cast is Sunday March 8th  at 7:00pm


Nick Bottom : Rudy Leustek

Nigel Bottom: Zach Fader

Shakespear: Norman Howard 

Nostradamus: Bradlee Gorrea

Bea: Emily Martel 

Brother Jeremiah : Mike Martinal 

Portia: Sara Martin

Minstrel: Preston Carter

Lord Clapham : Bruce Thompson

Shylock: Matt Harlow

Tom Snout : Ja'Quan Shelton

Peter Quince: Joshua Bass

Robin: KJ Richardson

Astrologer: Anthony Molina -Alcazar

Psychic Woman : Megan Hoffman

Eye Patch Man:Dylan Large

Foreman: Preston Carter

Messenger: Dylan Large

Valet: Preston Carter

Announcer : Anthony Molina-Alcazar

Woman In Crowd-Kristyn Winch

Man In Crowd-Dylan Large

Lead Man-Ja'Quan Shelton

Waitress- Megan Hoffman

Doorman: Preston Carter

Panicked Woman - Malia Fench

Snug-Dylan Large


Master of Justice-Kristyn Winch 

Female Dancers: Malia French-Claudia Ferrer-Sydney Gifford

Male Dancers: KJ-Tony-JaQuan-Preston



Thank you to everyone who auditioned! The talent we saw was outstanding and we trust you'll come back for future productions.