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All classes and productions take place at Theatre of the Republic in Conway SC
1 hour musical production at end of each session with costumes and sets
Cost is $475 per student and can be paid in 2 installments

​Lunda Cornelius/Bonnie Ryerson, Youth Theatre Director


There are no refunds for students after the second class of each program.

Please Register before the first class and make payment at Open House

(payments must be made at Open House for registration to be accepted) 

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​​ CYT is an opportunity for young students to receive coaching in acting, singing and dance.  Classes are designed to encourage each child to use his or her imagination and creativity to their fullest potential.  In addition to the coaching benefits, the program teaches students to focus, take direction, respect fellow students, improve memorization techniques, improve reading skills, improve their confidence on and off the stage and to work as a team member.​ 

Pre-registration was such a success, anyone signing up after Open House may not be guaranteed a spot!  Thank you for making CYT such a success.

Please Pre-Register below and join us Jan 9, 2017 at Open House to make our payment and receive your parent information.

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