COVID-19 Action




For over 50 years, our community has trusted the Theatre of the Republic to make decisions that have contributed to the cultural vibrancy of our community and the artistic well-being of its residents. With the onset of COVID-19 and the ensuing pandemic, we are tasked with the increased responsibility of making decisions that impact the health and physical well-being of our patrons, performers, and volunteers.

It is with deep regret and a very heavy heart that we must announce the cancellation of all Theatre of the Republic and Coastal Youth Theatre productions. This applies to Light the Lights - A Musical Review, Driving Miss Daisy, An Act of God, and Beauty and the Beast Jr.The health and safety of our actors, dancers, staff and patrons are of utmost importance, and we understand the magnitude of this situation. We are saddened that the theatre has temporarily gone dark, but we look forward to a heightened appreciation for the arts, and the part we play when the lights come back on.

We had a plan for a full season of Musicals, Comedies and dramas, but we do not feel that we can publicize a program nor ask for people to purchase a subscription without knowing when the season will actually begin. It is unfair to the people we serve to be continuously announcing and then cancelling shows. We will, therefore, not be sending a new season brochure out at this time. Like theaters around the country, we do not anticipate that we will be able to begin our productions again until sometime in 2021, but we are in the Planning stages of another telethon in the fall, When we open we will have a full season for you to enjoy, but we will not open until we are certain that we are not putting anyone in danger.

As a valued member of the TOR Theatre family, you can appreciate that resources overwhelmingly go toward producing great work for the stage. Many non-profit organizations such as ours have no contingency budget for civil emergencies. These cancellations and unpredictable times project financial losses up to 80% of our annual operating budget. We will need our community’s help now more than ever to make it through this.”

In the near future we will be reaching out to our friends of the theatre requesting donations to help us pay our basic operating expenses until we are secure and safe for reopening. Now more than ever, your support is critical as we are realizing significant losses. 

The following options are available for those who have already purchased tickets to performances which have been forced to be canceled:

• Donate your ticket and receive a tax deduction for the total ticket value;

• Credit your ticket value towards a future TOR performance

• Refund: Call the TOR Box office at (843-488-0821) to request a refund.

We ask that you make all refund requests by August 31st ,2020.

We may be experiencing high call volume, and your understanding and patience are greatly appreciated.

This period is a difficult time for all of us – financially and emotionally, as it is for all of you. We wish you the best and thank you for your continued support of our Theater productions.

Our Box Office and administrative offices will remain open for phone calls only Monday through Friday 11-5 pm at this time to assist you with ticketing questions and other concerns. Thank you for your patience as we work through this process.

Be Safe; Wear a Mask: We will get through this!!

Tim McGhee

Executive Director /Artistic

TOR Board of Directors