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Box Office 843-488-0821

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Molly Jensen        Sydney Epstein

Sam Wheat          Grant Zavitkovsky

Carl Bunner          Zachary Fader

Oda Mae Brown    Shawntell Anderson

Clarence              Robert Kerson

Loise                   Megan Hoffman

Willie Lopez         Joey Comes  

Subway Ghost      Andrew Wildes

Hospital Ghost     Robert Kerson 

Bambie Starr        Caroline Heins

Bank assistant      Madison Lapham

Minister               Bruce Thompson

Mrs. Santiago       Patrice Chichester

Officer Wallace     Bruce Thompson

Det. Beiderman     Megan Hoffman

Orlando                Bradlee  Gorrera

Bank Officer         Matthew Kellam

Lionel Furgeson     Bradlee Gorrera

Nuns                    Tiffany Sellers, Devin Jennings


Alura Cafasson, Patrice Chichester, Joey Comes, Caroline Heins, Megan Hoffman, Devin Jennings, Carson Kellam, Matthew Kellam, Madison Lapham, Tiffany Sellers, Bruce Thompson, Andrew Wildes

Thank You to everyone who made "Ghost The Musical" A Success!