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Why is Drama important in early childhood?

Why is Drama important in early childhood? Theatre is a safe way to expose kids to difficult situations and show them firsthand how to handle these situations. COMMUNICATION.
Theatre exposes young people to new vocabulary and ways of communicating. Through the arts of dance, acting, and music, children learn how to communicate in a variety of unique ways. Children who attend live theater have shown greater tolerance of different people and ideas, as well as increased empathy for others.

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Coastal Youth Theatre has been an extension of Theatre of The Republic for the past 9 years. CYT is an opportunity for young students to receive coaching in acting, singing, and dance. Our classes are designed to encourage each child to use their imagination and creativity to their fullest potential. In addition to the coaching benefits, the program teaches students to focus, take direction, respect fellow students, improve memorization techniques, reading skills, and improve their confidence on and off the stage. Our goal is when they are done they know how to work as a team and tell their story.

All Children's Classes are held at Theatre of the Republic on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday's unless stated otherwise by director. Our 6 week program ends with two full weekends of performances on the Main Stage. 

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July 16, 2021


Showtime 6:00 pm

September 10, 2021


Showtime 6:00 pm

Coastal Youth Theatre Staff

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Bruce Thompson

CYT Director

Emily Martel 

CYT Director

Noreen Bachman

TOR Board Member,
CYT Director

Brock Santa

CYT Choreographer
TOR Costume Designer

Darla Gore

TOR Board Member, Coastal Youth Committee

Michael McCarthy

TOR Board Member,
Coastal Youth Committee

Diane Atherton  

TOR Board Member, Coastal Youth Committee  

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