All Auditions Are Open to the Public.
When auditioning at TOR  a Proof of COVID-19 Vaccine will be required until further notice.
Auditions start promptly at 7:00 pm.
Please be registered and be in the auditorium
by 7:00 pm.
Registration opens at 6:30 in the lobby area.

All Roles Are Open
Adult Shows age requirements 17 and up

For Musicals
*Everyone must bring a prepared song showing their vocal range.
*You must have accompaniment tracks to your song. 
*Everyone will be shown choreography to perform with the group. 
( Sandals are not permitted on stage)
*If auditioning for a certain role, you may be asked to do another dance.
*You will be given a script to do a cold reading with others auditioning.  
*Some vocal auditions may be held privately with the casting committee.

Book Plays
* Director will have cold readings from the script.
* Maybe some improvisation involved depending on show and director.

Open Auditions 

February 7th At 7:00pm
Perfromance Dates March 31 &
April 1-2-3/7-8-9-10

Character Analysis 

Trevor - Ensemble
Trevor is the lighting and sound technician for the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society.  Trevor often gets caught on stage when he shouldn’t be there and makes several awkward exits. When both of the women in the cast are temporarily unconscious, Trevor is forced to read in the lines of ‘Florence Colleymoore,’ culminating in an awkward stage kiss with Max.

Chris - Ensemble
Chris is the director of ‘Murder at Haversham Manor’ and introduces the play to the audience. He also plays the role of the Inspector. He is proud of his theater company but acknowledges that they have not always had success with their previous shows. Chris firmly believes in the adage that ‘the show must go on and he desperately tries to hold the cast and set together when it all starts to go wrong. He corrects the rest of the cast on their lines/mishaps regularly. Thanks to a series of props being misplaced, Chris is forced to bravely carry on with his lines, despite being given keys and a vase with which to make notes (instead of his pencil and pad).

Jonathan plays Charles Haversham and first appears as a corpse at the beginning of the play. However, he is caught out by the lights coming on stage and is thus forced to make an awkward entrance. This begins a theme for Jonathan, as he is continually caught on stage when he shouldn’t be, or is forced to make an embarrassing exit when the action does not go to plan. When Jonathan reappears in character in act two (having faked his own death), he manages to just navigate the collapsing set until, at the last moment, the chandelier crashes down on his head.

Robert plays the role of Thomas Colleymoore in ‘The Murder at Haversham Manor. He has a strong stage presence but his acting is below par. He sticks to the script religiously and carries through with his actions even if the other person, or the relevant prop, is missing. Robert becomes the victim of a script loop when he is forced to drink, and subsequently spit out, white spirit multiple times until Dennis carries on with the right lines. The actor playing Robert must be strong and extremely adept at physical slapstick.

Dennis plays ‘Perkins’ the butler in ‘The Murder at Haversham Manor’. He is clearly nervous and shouts most of his lines. He is also quite forgetful and forgets his lines several times. Because of this, he produces a loop in the script, making Robert drink and spit out white spirit several times before Dennis realizes and moves the script on. Dennis struggles with big words and has them written on his hand to help him remember. Humorously, he reads them out obviously and phonetically.

Max -Ensemble
Max plays two roles in ‘The Murder at Haversham Manor: ‘Cecil Haversham’ and ‘Arthur the gardener’. However, he plays both roles exactly the same as his acting skills are very poor. He is clearly enamored by the idea of being on stage in front of an audience, and turns to grin at them every time he enters and whenever he gets a laugh. Max is unsure what to do when Trevor is forced to read in Florence’s lines for a section of the play, but he still carries through with the stage kiss, much to Trevor’s annoyance.

Sandra plays the role of ‘Florence Colleymoore’ in ‘The Murder at Haversham Manor’. She plays everything over-the-top and completely overacts her ‘hysterical’ moments. Halfway through act one, she is knocked unconscious by a door and then is dropped by the cast when they try to lift her offstage through a window. When Sandra reappears to reclaim her part from Annie, the stage manager, she is forced to come on stage in her underwear (as Annie is wearing her dress). However, Sandra is determined and the two women fight for the lines. Sandra is scrappy and cunning, but Annie is physically stronger. Sandra ends the play tied up by tape.

Annie is the stage manager for the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society but is rather inefficient. She has a broad Lancashire accent, which differentiates her from the rest of the cast. At the beginning of the play, she is caught on stage trying to make last-minute adjustments to the set and is forced to sidle off, not having completed the mantlepiece. She is thrust in an awkward and distinctly uncomfortable position when she must hold the mantlepiece in place from behind as more and more objects are piled upon it. Annie is very reluctant to read in the part of Florence after Sandra is knocked unconscious. She is not a natural actress and finds it hard to follow the script. She also does not understand the difference between lines and stage directions. However, Annie gets more and more into the role and, when Sandra reappears on stage, Annie is jealous of the actress. As the two women jostle to continue with the role, it is Annie who becomes more violent and enraged, eventually tying Sandra up with tape.