All Auditions Are Open to the Public.
When auditioning at TOR a Proof of COVID-19 Vaccine will be required until further notice.
Auditions start promptly at 7:00 pm.
Please be registered and be in the auditorium
by 7:00 pm.
Registration opens at 6:30 in the lobby area.

All Roles Are Open
Adult Shows ages requirements 17 and up
CYT Children productions 8yrs to 17yrs

For Musicals
*Everyone must bring a prepared song showing their vocal range.
*You must have accompaniment tracks to your song. 
*Everyone will be shown choreography to perform with the group. 
( Sandals are not permitted on stage)
*If auditioning for a certain role, you may be asked to do another dance.
*You will be given a script and do a cold reading with other auditioners.  
*Some vocal auditions may be held privately with the casting committee .

* Director will have cold readings from the script.
* Maybe some improv involved depending on show ad Director.

Open Auditions 
Singers and Dancers 
October 25th

Please bring a prepared song not more than 20 bars, make sure the song shows your range. Everyone will be required to do a dance audition with the group, Please wear comfortable shoes for dancing. ( No Sandals, Flip Flops ) A cold Read From Script You must be able to perform on all show dates. No video or zoom auditions. All auditions must be in person. No Private auditions.